Everquest 2 leveling and strategy guide reviews

Killerguides EQ2 Strategy Guide Review

Killerguides is a long-time publisher of strategy, leveling and class guides for multiple MMO games and one of their best guides as of yet are those for EverQuest 2. Overall it’s a pretty impressive guide with tons of contents and useful strategies.

The most important part of it is of course the leveling guide. It’s well done, detailed and will help you achieve the level cap a lot faster than you normally would. If you want to level up quickly the best way is to follow this EQ2 leveling guide through and through and you’ll definitely get there sooner than you think.

As for other contents, there’s plenty of it. Killerguides EverQuest 2 Strategy Guide is in fact a whole strategy guide and includes many other chapters. There’s a lot of money-making methods described inside that will help you gain more gold. You can even use these strategies right from level 1 since they are broken down per level, and if you pair this gold guide with the leveling guide you will not only level up efficiently but also have more than enough gold to purchase any equipment you wish.

Killerguides also includes information on game mechanics which are in my opinion extremely important to know. If any of the skills, spells, equipment or combat strategies are confusing for you this guide will explain them all in great detail. Additionally there’s information about pets, houses, horses, professions (trade skills), group combat tactics and plenty more. Also of note is a comprehensive reference to all named mobs with rare drops which you should know about.

In conclusion this is definitely one very detailed EverQuest guide that you definitely don’t want to miss. You also might want to check out the other 13 guides that Killerguides published for EverQuest 2 once you’re done with this one as they are all just as useful. But for a beginner and even an intermediate player, the Killerguides EverQuest 2 Strategy Guide is a great reference to have.

EverQuest 2 Leveling Guide Reviews

EverQuest 2 (EQ2) is a hugely popular MMO game with an insanely big following and community. The original EverQuest game set some standars for this genre and EverQuest 2 improved much of it. There are numerous players enjoying this game every day, but EQ2 has a steep learning curve and it’s not very beginner friendly, which is why there’s a demand for strategy and leveling guides.

Almost every new player that tries this exciting game thought at least one time it’s not worth the frustration and time investment. Many feel the same way and this game offers a lot of content and entertainment if you just give it a fair chance. But in order to properly be able to enjoy EverQuest you have to know some things about it beforehand, and learning them from various forums or blogs won’t help you much. There is some information scattered around that is helpful but none of it compares to the amount of tips and strategies you can find in professional, paid EverQuest strategy guides.

This blog will attempts to provide you with truthful reviews of all available Everquest 2 guides so you can know which ones are worth paying for and which ones aren’t. I’ll be taking a close look at the contents of each guide and tell you exactly what’s inside, so make sure you carefully read my free reviews and comparisons so you download the right one.